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  • Are all your ingredients natural?
    Yes, all our ingredients come from naturally derived sources.
  • Are your products safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women?
    Yes, all our products are made with safe, non-toxic ingredients.
  • Are your products tested on animals?
  • How do I store my Nude Kiwi products?
    As Nude Kiwi contains only natural ingredients and Ecocert approved preservative, we recommend storing your products in a cool, dry, dark place, below 25°C.
  • What is the expiry date on Nude Kiwi products?
    Nude Kiwi products have a three-year shelf life, and because they are made with all-natural ingredients, we recommend using them within six months of opening.
  • Are the fragrances in Nude Kiwi safe?
    Yes. All Nude Kiwi products are fragranced with natural essential oils.
  • Are Nude Kiwi products safe for sensitive skin?
    Yes. All Nude Kiwi ingredients are non-toxic and have been carefully selected for their natural properties. Like in food, some natural ingredients can cause irritation to some people; we recommend patch testing before use.
  • Is Nude Kiwi packaging environmentally friendly?
    Yes. Nude Kiwi products come in glass jars with aluminium lids which are both infinitely recyclable, and both are able to be recycled within New Zealand. Our plain kraft boxes and paper sleeves provide protection for our glass jars as well as protecting the environment as they can both be reused and recycled. Nude Kiwi will continue to look for innovative ways to reduce waste and we encourage our customers to do the same.
  • Where are Nude Kiwi products made?
    Nude Kiwi products are made in Nelson, New Zealand.
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